CASE : Brain’s Big Bang

Something remarkable happened between 100,000 to 50,000 years ago. Sitchin followers and Ancient Alien Theorist think they know what happened. Scientist simply refer to it as the “Brain’s Big Bang” a term they use to describe the brief time it took for our ancestors to become truly Human. The sudden seemingly overnight emergence of sapience bringing with it language, art, and spirituality.

The struggle mainstream scientist have with this event is understandable. They prefer nice linear progressions. For example take “The Out of Africa Theory” for the evolution of man. While man may have originated in Africa it beggars belief that it was a one way street. Looking at the dispersal maps provided with writings on the subject gives one an odd impression. Are we to believe that every few million years or so a fresh new troop of hominids ventures out of Africa to take over the world? It’s highly doubtful the flow of evolution is that simple.

So why is this linear progression such a big problem for scientist? Simply because the Brains Big Bang took place in the wrong place. It appears that it may have started in Europe first a continent away from Africa where it should have happened. Worst it appears at random and spreads rapidly like an infection of the mind to the rest of humanity almost overnight.

The Brain’s Big Bang may have happened in Africa if things were allowed to progress naturally but others may have had plans of their own.

Recall mentioned before that, “Sitchin followers and Ancient Alien Theorist think they know what happened.” They believe ancient Sumerian writings give an account of a visit to earth by extraterrestrials know as the Annunaki. Some Sumerian artifacts suggest that the Annunaki may have been what is currently known as the tall form of the alien grey.

The Enuma Elish or Sumerian creation myth tells how the Annunaki came to Earth on an expedition that most likely involved mining. The myth goes on to tell how the Annunaki decided to create workers (man) to do the expeditions work. Now read some of the most amazing words ever written that come from from the Enuma Elish. They give the words spoken by Enki the Annunaki tasked with creating man.

Oh my mother, the creature whose name thou has uttered, it exists,

Bind upon it the (will?) of the Gods;

This is remarkable. Unlike most creation myths where man is created from scratch or nothing. Here we are told that man already was in existence and the Annunaki gave him the will, or mind, of the Gods. They made him intelligent.

How did they do this? Perhaps the Brains Big Bang spread like an infection because it actually was one. Many of you may have heard of gene therapy but few know how it is accomplish it. Gene therapy is normally accomplished by using viral vectors. In simple terms a virus is used to inject the desired genes into the cells.

Perhaps the Annunaki released the virus far from Africa and the Indus Valley where they where station simply because it was a random spot far away. This way they could observe the results and make corrections if things went wrong. Perhaps the plan was to drop a few nukes if things went wrong and sterilize the area, make adjustments to the virus, and try someplace else.

Whatever the cause no longer were we tool using apes. We began using language in a complex manner. We started painting, carving figurines, adorning ourselves, and lavishing great care on the burial of our dead. All of this has no necessary survival benefit and modern man existed perfectly well without it for almost 250,000 years.

In closing here’ a thought. The Annunaki appear to have made more than one adjustment in man. Modern Man has been around now for perhaps 300,000 years. In term of evolutionary time the appearance of modern man is every bit as extraordinary as the Brains Big Bang. It’s as if we appeared a million years too early. Was this the first adjustment and are others to follow after the second. Only time will tell.



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