CASE : Grey Aliens

Paranormal entities known as Grey aliens are frequently reported by those claiming to have been abducted by aliens. The first abduction case involving Grey aliens is commonly associated with the Betty and Barney Hill abduction claim. The Betty and Barney Hill abduction case is where many of the present beliefs about aliens originated. Under hypnotic regression Betty was able to remember her encounter with the aliens. One of the many details she recalled was a three dimensional star map which the alien told her was a trade map. Later researchers of the case matched the map with the star Zeta Reticuli. Additionally Betty recalled a medical examination that seemed odd in 1961 but by present day standards we would be recognize as genetic sampling. Since that time the description of the aliens involved in abduction case and their activities have been very consistent.

Grey aliens are described as having a large head with large oval slanted black eyes. The eyes are their most prominent and well known features. The nose is extremely small and under the nose is a small slit for a mouth. The mouth appears to be non functional and this along with the lack of ears leads many to believe they communicate via telepathy.

Their height ranges anywhere from 3-6 feet tall. It is not known if they have male and female species as most of them do not have reproductive organs. They also tend to be very thin with arms that extend down to their knees. Their hands have long delicate fingers.

The grey aliens are responsible for the various eye witness accounts of UFO sightings that have been increasing over the years. Conspiracy theorists believe that the USA first became aware of the Greys when one of their spacecraft crashed and was recovered at Roswell New Mexico. Conspiracy theorists claim that the alien technology was reversed engineered and is the source of our present semiconductor and fiber optics technology.

Many believe that USA relationship with the aliens has evolved to the point where a secret underground base located a Dulce New Mexico is shared with them. The rumored activities at this base are frightening. It is believed that the USA conducts joint experiments on humans in return for alien technology. The rumors put forth that the goal is to produce a human alien hybrid. Conspiracy theorists believe the aliens need hybrids to reinvigorate the genetic vitally of their species. Others believe that the Greys may be humans from the far future. Wherever they are from it’s our genetic vitally that is of key interest to them.

Closely associated with Greys are encounters with Men in Black. Various witnesses of UFOs and other activities associated with aliens report visits by men in black business suits which tell them to forget and advise them not to talk about their experience. Just like in the popular movie named Men in Black these are government agents that are dispatched to take care of and silence any witnesses of UFOs or alien beings. They are meant to ensure that the general population continues to believe that these beings do not exist.



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