CASE : Majestic 12

A popular paranormal belief is the existence of the Majestic 12. Majestic 12 is a secret committee of scientists, government officials, and military leaders. They were formed in 1947 by an executive order by then president Harry S. Truman. The purpose of this mysterious committee was to investigate the recovery of a supposed UFO that crashed near Roswell New Mexico during July of 1947.

UFO theorists sometimes incorporate Majestic 12, although the FBI has declared any documents associated with this group do not contain any truth.

The Existence of Majestic 12

The evidence for the existence of this group is a collection of documents that emerged in 1984. The original documents state:

“The Majestic 12 group was established by order of President Truman on 24 September, 1947, upon recommendation by Dr. Vannevar Bush and Secretary of Defense James Forrestal”

The government lead by the FBI investigated these documents and said that thye were fakes. This was based upon the opinions rendered by the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Errors in their formatting and the chronology of them have divided those UFO researches that have looked into them.

In 1985, another document mentioning Majestic 12 was found and it dated back to 1954 after a search at the National Archives. Its authenticity is also questionable. The documents are widely available on the Internet. The FBI website has stated that the documents are frauds.

The documents that date from 1942 to 1997 have been debated in UFO circles. Some of them include how conduct yourself among aliens, there are diagrams, and records of tests on supposed UFOs. Some even contain the president’s statements about UFO related issues. Some contain signatures of Albert Einstein and Roland Regan as notable figures.


All the alleged original members of MJ-12 were noted for their military, government, and/or scientific achievements and all were deceased when the documents first surfaced.

  • Rear Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter: first CIA director
  • Dr. Vannevar Bush: chaired wartime Office of Scientific Research and Development and predecessor National Defense Research Committee
  • James Forrestal: Secretary of the Navy; first Secretary of Defense
  • Gen. Nathan Twining: Headed Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson AFB
  • Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg: Directed Central Intelligence Group
  • Gen. Robert M. Montague: Guided missile expert; 1947 commander of Fort Bliss
  • Dr. Jerome Hunsaker: Aeronautical engineer, MIT
  • Rear Adm. Sidney Souers: First director of Central Intelligence Group
  • Gordon Gray: Secretary of the Army; intelligence and national security expert; CIA
  • Dr. Donald Menzel: Astronomer, Harvard; cryptologist during war
  • Dr. Detlev Bronk: Medical physicist; aviation physiologist
  • Dr. Lloyd Berkner: Physicist; radio expert

Some other noted people involved were scientists Robert Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein, Karl Compton, Edward Teller, Wernher von Braun, and John von Neumann.

Connections between Members

Research shows that there were connections between many of the members. One example is that Bush, Bronk, Hunsaker, and Berkner all sat on the committee of the Research and development board which Bush had developed. Other members were a part of the Presidential National Security Council which was created in 1947. These members would have served on many high government agencies and could have influenced government policy at the time. These were trusted high ranking officials who had skills and clearances in government. If this group did exist these men would seem like ideal candidates for it.


There are many documents that are about Majestic 12 and it’s relation to UFO conspiracies. In 1978, Canadian researcher Arthur Bray uncovered previously classified Canadian UFO documents naming Dr. Vannevar Bush as leading a highly secret UFO group in the U.S.A.

The earliest citation of the term “MJ Twelve” originally surfaced in a purported U.S. Air Force Teletype message dated November 17, 1980. The message was given to Albuquerque physicist and businessman Paul Bennewitz in November, 1980.

One sentence in the lengthy Teletype message read:

“The official US Government policy and results of Project Aquarius is still classified TOP SECRET with no dissemination outside channels and with access restricted to MJ TWELVE”

A Mystery

There are many more documents involved in Majestic 12 and it’s difficult to say for sure if it’s all real or not. This is an interesting story and if this Majestic 12 did exist there may be other groups just like them that have formed to keep the secrets of our world hidden.



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