CASE : Men in Black

Sightings of UFO and other paranormal events would not be complete without a government conspiracy that hides the evidence of such events. Thus was born the famous Men In Black, a group of government agents who not only cover up the evidence of extraterrestrial encounters, they also harass witnesses and keep them quiet as to what actually happened. The Men In Black have been satirized in a highly popular series of films with the third installment set for release in 2012.

The actual identity of the Men In Black, whether they are as depicted in the movies, government agents who hush up witnesses to UFO sighting or actual extraterrestrials themselves who wish to keep their presence on Earth a secret is still subject for debate. What is known is that such sightings of these agents are random and may only have a tenuous connection with each other.

The first actual reports of Men In Black go back to 1947, the year of the famous Roswell Incident where a UFO supposedly crashed in that region. The Men In Black were there to quiet witnesses and clean up the debris so as to leave no trace of the UFO. Over the years, sightings of the Men In Black have varied, though they usually coincide with a UFO sighting, especially if a extraterrestrial visit has occurred. Also, despite their moniker, they do not always dress in black nor wear sunglasses. It seems that they may have taken on different garb just to stay unnoticed.

While most Men In Black sightings have occurred in the 1950s through the 1960s, the truth is that legends of their appearances go back for thousands of years. Not so much as black suited, sunglass wearing government agents, but as minions of the devil when people of those ancient times believed that Satan would occasionally appear on Earth and his henchmen would cover up these apparitions by harassing witnesses.

In fact, the devil was often described for centuries in European culture as “The Black Man”, which had no relation to those of African decent, but was more in terms of the nature of Satan himself. His minions dressed in black to identify them with the Devil and thus the current Men In Black are derived from these legends.

In modern times, the Men In Black have been cited as Air Force intelligence agents who operate as a secret unit within the government under the Air Force Special Activities Center, though of course no evidence of their existence has yet to be proven. The legend of these modern Men In Black was augmented by noted UFO storyteller Gray Barker who wrote several articles on the subject. This in turn was used as the basis of a Marvel Comic book created by Lowell Cunningham called Men In Black and served as the basis for the current movie series.

While the Men In Black are far more a cultural icon for Hollywood films, their history of showing up at UFO and paranormal events goes back hundreds of years, making them perhaps the oldest, longest continuing shadow legend alongside the sightings of UFOs.



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