CASE : Roswell UFO Crash

On July 7th 1947 in Roswell New Mexico, one of the greatest UFO mysteries was born. On that date a reported UFO was discovered by the military and then one day later dismissed as a weather balloon. The conspiracy theories about whether or not the military took possession of a crashed craft and its occupants, has been the discussion of many UFO believers for over sixty years. The information from the days after the supposed crash have many people all this time later still wondering whether or not we were visited by an alien craft on July 7th 1947, here is some of facts from that day to help you determine for yourself.

The Roswell UFO crash has all the ingredients of a perfect conspiracy theory. That night many eyewitnesses claim to see something in the sky crash to earth. Only a few hours later the press releases information that the military is in possession of some sort of alien craft. The next day the newspaper changes its story as the military claims the sightings were nothing more than a downed weather balloon. That day, the Roswell UFO conspiracy theory was born.

On July 7th 1947 in Roswell New Mexico many eyewitnesses claim to see something in the sky fall and crash in a field. Many eyewitnesses called police to file reports and police were actually told to have given the newspaper information about a crashed craft in the field. The newspaper released information that Roswell had in its possession an alien flying saucer. When the military saw the press release, they immediately sprung into action claiming that the crashed craft was actually a secret weather balloon called Mogul, that they were testing for use in surveillance. When reporters began covering the crash site, the inconsistencies between what the military claimed was a downed balloon, and what the reporters saw on the ground were completely different.

Many residents at the time remained silent when the world began to inquire about the truth about the crashed craft. It is only in the last few years that many residents of Roswell during the crash are now coming forward to tell stories of a government cover-up. These residents are saying back in 1947 they were visited by members of the government who forced them to remain silent about what they saw or heard. Many people say their lives were threatened, and those lives of family members. Once report claims a resident was told if they talked about what they saw at Roswell, that they would disappear with their entire family and never be heard from again. People claimed they were in fear of their lives and remained silent for decades.

With this story now sixty years old, many of the original facts have been debated and scrutinized by experts, with the result still a mystery. With no concrete evidence, and the remaining eyewitnesses now in there latter years, the facts about what really crashed in the field in Roswell New Mexico may never be told. The government still to this day sticks by its story of being a newly tested weather balloon, despite the story not really matching the eyewitness reports form that evening. Many local police and former military workers claim the balloon story is just a cover-up, and to this day the debate is as strong as it was back in 1947.


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