CASE : Thule Society

The Thule society is also known as the German Brotherhood of Death Society. Adolf Hitler was a part of this society and joined it when it was then under the leadership of Dietrich Eckhart. When the New World Order was set up, Hitler became its leader. It was on his deathbed that Eckhart made Hitler leader. He stated that he had given Hitler power to access the paranormal and divine Secret Doctrine.

In the year 1990, then President George Bush made a statement saying that the world had entered a New World Order. Not many understood the meaning of those words, but in fact Bush was a member of the Yale Skull and Bones Society. This society was very similar to the one that Hitler had been a part of and also as The Brotherhood of Death.

In essence, the Thule Society was made up of people who worshipped Satan and practiced black magic. They dedicated their time and energy to looking for evil beings and learning to communicate with them; eventually succeeding. This society taught that anything good was evil, and anything that was evil was to be considered good. The satanic rituals that were carried out by this society were to allow demonic power to flow through its members. Because of the force of this power within them, participants literally felt their lives changing. This was as a result of the demonic energy that entered their lives.

Sexual magic was also a part of their practices and one member in particular, Aleister Crowley, was known for his love of Satan worship. The origins of sexual magic can be dated back to the year 1865. By them practicing Satanism and its rituals, it allowed a person the vision to see evil beings and their works and it also gave them paranormal powers.

Hitler really indulged in acts of sexual perversion as thrived on them. The source of his powers stemmed from those unnatural acts. Before Eckhart’s passing, he initiated Hitler into a sexual act so powerful it left him impotent afterwards.

One of the features of the Thule Society was that they were formed in secret. Their activities and practices were also done in secret. Secondly, members could only be invited and even before they joined, they needed to have undergone a series of screening practices to ensure if they were suitable or not. The very first night of the new member is considered to be the most important and this is because of the things they are made to do. For instance, they are sworn to oaths, made to perform certain rituals and forced to give out particular confessions. From that night on, the initiate becomes a part of that society and is sworn to remain loyal to it forever. Initiates are reborn in coffins, where they initially lay and are made to confess their deepest darkest sexual secrets. The term ‘born again’ is used to refer to one being born in the coffin and having their life transformed.



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