New propaganda slogans are being overtly and subliminally implanted by Obama and his gang through their speeches and actions:

  • Hope you can believe in
  • Change for a better America
  • Dissent is treason
  • Constitutional liberties are less important than security
  • The "war on terrorism" excuses any attack on civil liberties
  • The Obama administration has the right and the duty to bring about "regime change" in any nation it chooses
  • The economy is basically sound
  • Only a few bad apples are found in the corporate barrel, which requires no new oversight laws
  • If Bush and Cheney say they’re not guilty of war crimes, then the Obama regime will not pursue it
  • It’s necessary to continue the war on Iraq and escalate the war in Afghanistan because we’re still in a war against terrorism

Propaganda American Style

Some of these mind programming tactics are so subtle that they can be overlooked in the hubbub of everyday life. For example, have you been aware that the very way in which the "public discourse" is being carried on is a subtle brainwashing strategy? The Congress, the media, the man and woman on the street are encouraged to ask only this question:

How can a larger bailout for financial institutions solve the economic crisis?

What about the questions:

  • What crimes were committed to perpetrate the collapse of the American economy?
  • Why should taxpayers bailout the very bankers and Wall Street con-men who caused the economic crisis?
  • Why aren’t Americans up in arms about so much tax-payer money going to financial criminals?"
  • Why should American workers suffer from unemployment, home foreclosure, and destitution when the fat cats are looting billions?

The Obama puppet regime is engaging in other rather subtle brainwashing tactics:

Insanity as Normalcy

The way in which the Obama con-game is being conducted is itself an interesting brainwashing technique: Obama and his fascist cabinet members continually commit OUTRAGES but don’t excuse them, explain them, or invite reflection on these affronts to morality and sanity. In fact, when some timid media voice criticizes the Obama regime, the person is demonized as questioning behavior which is beyond reproach.

Americans are being brainwashed to ask only the questions the Obamessiah kool aid addicts allow and they are programmed to see everything Obama does as unquestionably correct. The brainwashing has gone so far that Americans no longer see what has happened to our country.

Personality Profiling and Simulation

In an earlier article, I reviewed the varied aspects of personality profiling and simulation. While serving as Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department at the U.S. Army War College, 1993-1995, I conducted studies on profiling, psychological programming, and brainwashing. I explored and developed personality simulation systems, an advanced technology used in military war games, FBI profiling, political campaigning, and advertising. Part of my discovery was that:

  • Unenlightened human minds are combinations of infantile beliefs and emotional patterns
  • These patterns can be simulated in profiling systems
  • These profiling systems can be used to program and control people

Personality simulation systems are being used to create political campaigns that apply voter profiles to control their voting behavior. TV commercials and programs use personality simulation to profile viewers to control their purchasing and viewing behaviors. And sophisticated propaganda and brainwashing techniques are being used by the cabal to keep American citizens under control.

The Technology of Thought and Behavior Control

The long evolution of developing procedures to control human behavior all came to a head in the modern world with Pavlov, a Russian scientist. In the early years of the twentieth century, Pavlov made the discovery that you can condition a dog to salivate on command simply by associating food with the ringing of a bell. Once that association is fixed in the dog’s mind, the food can be removed and the dog will salivate merely when it hears the bell.

Pavlov carried out the identical experiments on human beings with the same results. Those principles have been adapted to television and motion pictures and can now make Americans salivate in response to a wide array of bells and whistles. We can call it phase one in the evolution of human behavior control.

Phase two was accomplished by the same Russian scientist, Pavlov. Very few people know of this part of his research. During a particularly severe storm in Russia, heavy rains continued for days and Pavlov’s laboratories were flooded. Pavlov and his research assistants were able to return to the laboratory only after the flood waters had receded days later. Upon returning, Pavlov discovered something truly remarkable. Before the flood, many of the dogs had been conditioned to respond to various stimuli. Lo and behold, all traces of the conditioning in the dogs had disappeared! Bells, food, nothing could induce the former salivation response that had been so carefully implanted in the dogs’ nervous systems.

What mysterious influence could account for this remarkable turn of events, Pavlov wondered. So, being a good scientist, he studied carefully what had transpired while he was away from the dogs. They had been left without food or warmth. They had been isolated for days; some of them had drowned. They had been subjected to extreme stress, never knowing if they would live or die. These were the factors that had produced the washing away of the previous conditioning from the dogs’ brains – brain-washing.

Pavlov and other Russians followed up this line of research, but it was the Chinese communists in the 1950s who first saw its real potential for use with human beings. They employed these very principles in brainwashing American and other Allied prisoners of war during the Korean conflict. Isolation, periodic denial of food or water, cold and exposure, extreme stress associated with uncertainty of life or death–these conditions, together with a continual barrage of indoctrination produced the erasing of previous beliefs and behavior patterns in American soldiers in particular. Thus brainwashing became phase two in the evolution of human behavior control.

But brainwashing is not very reliable, as the remarkable film "The Manchurian Candidate" shows. The trigger mechanisms can be tampered with, sometimes even erased, before the desired behavior can be carried out.

These procedures are only used now by the CIA and other intelligence services for programming special assassins (see the movie "Parallax View"). Neither classic Pavlovian conditioning nor brainwashing can produce the general results that black-budget project directors in intelligence services desire: absolute control of a human personality.

To show to what extremes the CIA is willing to go in developing the technology to control human behavior, they funded the "research" of Dr. Jose Delgado. Delgado was infamous for implanting radio-activated electrodes in animals (and possibly in humans).

In the pictures to the left he is demonstrating that his implants in a bull’s brain can stop it even after it starts to charge Delgado.

You may get a slight whiff of sulphur and brimstone as you read this quote from Delgado:


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