CASE : Mind Kontrolle Ultra, Microwave Mind Control, Then and Now

Mind Kontrolle Ultra, Microwave Mind Control, Then and Now.

It was April 14, 1945. As American tanks rolled into the Bavarian town of Waischenfeld they discovered an abandoned landscape — well almost. A young boy came to greet the soldiers, riding down the road on his bicycle, carrying a white flag.

As the troops were setting up their base in the localSteinhuas, the boy told of some frenzied activity he had seen in a local cave called Kleines Teufelschloch (Little Devil’s Hole). Since the SS were involved in this curious event, the cave was examined by the Army.

It was obvious that the entrance had been detonated to hide something. That something was a cache of documents — letters, personnel records, memoranda, orders, maps, official reports — the most important being files from medical experiments conducted at the Ahnenerbe Institute and in the concentration camps at Natzweiler and Dachau.

The detailed evidence of human biological experiments was quickly applied to the prosecution of war criminals in the subsequent Nuremberg trials. The atrocities of freezing limbs, vivisections and mutilations were meticulously documented by German doctors and proved to be the most useful in obtaining death penalties for those involved. But there were other documents that eventually made their way to the US Military Intelligence, specifically to the attention of Dr. Luther Wilson Greene (Greenbaum), who read, summarized and indexed the files.

“The bulk of Greene’s source material was a cache of Ahnenerbe papers, detailing experiments upon prisoners at Dachau, some of which employed hallucinogens such as mescaline. The documents had been hidden in a cave called Kleines Teufelslock, discovered by US troops in April ’45 and studied for the next four years by Army intelligence.”

Dr. Greene was influential in securing some of the Nazi doctors involved with these mind control experiments through the Rockefeller funded Operation “Paperclip”. This secret program which imported hundreds of scientists and doctors from Germany after the war is now acknowledged by the US government. It is largely credited with helping the military make advances in aeronautics, weapon designs and rocketry. The knowledge obtained by Nazi doctors who were involved in human experiments on mind control has never been publicly acknowledged, but these techniques have been utilized by the CIA and military.

Dr. Greene eventually was placed in charge of the Chemical Corps Technical Command at Edgewood, his specialty was psycho-chemicals. He later was made director of the Chemical Warfare (CW) division of the Department of Defense. He convinced the Pentagon that weapons which attacked the enemy’s mind — changing his personality — were the next frontier in modern warfare.

Mind Kontrolle – Ultra

Many Nazi scientists were brought to America following WWII. This was done to prevent advanced knowledge and technology from falling into Russian hands. America would need their skills to confront the new enemy — Communism.

Under Dr. Greene and his ex-Nazi associates, the DoD’s Chemical Warfare resources funded experiments designed to develop alter personalities in adults and children for use in a variety of strategic contexts. The use of civilians as experimental subjects was approved by CIA Chief, Allen Dulles, under Operation Artichoke (Dulles’ favorite vegetable). As various mind control methods were refined, the projects took on new names, eventually resulting in the final product: MK-Ultra.

The exact size of the CIA’s mind control project is not known, as Dulles himself destroyed the records. But it was big. Different phases of the program were given to private contractors, some outside America, and funded through various “foundations” like “The Cornell Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology”.

The truth started to leak out around 1980. About 250 victims of horrific experimentation filed a class action suit against the famous Dr. Ewen Cameron and the Institut Allan in Montréal, alleging that they were subjected to torture and had their minds damaged for experimental purposes. Each was awarded one hundred thousand dollars.

Here’s a couple of short videos with testimony from a victim of Dr. Greene and MK-Ultra, given in March of 1995 to The President’s Advisory Committee on Radiation Experimentation in Washington DC. As it happened, many victims of mind control experiments were also unwittingly used in radiation experiments, also supervised by Dr. Greene.

Decades Later, Dr. Greene Re-appears!

Psychologist D. Corydon Hammond, a respected professor and author of many key books and articles on MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), delivered a speech at the Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality on June 25, 1992 that stunned the audience. Commonly known as the “Greenbaum Speech”, his weird story of a few of his patients resonated with some of the other therapists, many who were afraid to talk about their own experiences.

MKULTRA Victim Testimony / SECTION A-B:


Microwave Weapons a mind control weapon system

These weapons transmit extremely low frequency (ELF signals ) which mimic natural brain waves; at the flick of a switch, all the people around these microwave transmitters are turned into submissive zombies who cannot think clearly, become depressed, apathetic and want to lounge around all day doing nothing. Russian and American research has found that pulse modulated microwaves (as used for mobile phones) can, when modulated with ELF which mimics specific brain patterns change the behaviour of the victim at the flick of a switch.

A pulse modulated microwave beam, carrying an ELF signal, which is identical to the one in the motor neurone centre of the brain, is used to jam the victim’s motor co-ordination. This is analogous to radar jamming, using a more powerful signal at the same frequency to swamp out the enemy’s radar. Motor neurone preparatory set potentials are jammed by a bigger signal carried by a microwave carrier beam, that literally overloads the brain, so it cannot control the body. Pulse modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortex at the victim, will paralyse the victim without killing them. Breathing and heartbeat are involuntary actions controlled by another set of frequencies in another part of the brain.

This technique can be used to abduct people for secret government mind control experiments, under the guise of alien abduction. A microwave beam of this nature will paralyse the victim, so they can be bundled into a black helicopter and airlifted away for experimentation.

Once the procedure is complete, hypnosis can be used to plant false memories of alien abduction. In this way, real alien abductions can be used by the authorities to enable them to obtain a limitless supply of guinea pigs for their mind control experiments.

Many of these electronic mind control developments were perfected at Montauk, Long Island in the 1960′s, 70′s, and 80′s in a privately funded operation known as The Montauk Project.

The Montauk Project was alleged to be a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.

These energies can be beamed to large populations from aircraft, helicopters, satellites, and land-based microwave towers, which have proliferated worldwide at an explosive rate in the past years.

Reported Symptoms

1. Microwave hearing
2. Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
3. Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
4. Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
5. Manipulation of emotions
6. Reading thoughts remotely
7. Causing pain to any nerve of the body.
8. Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
9. Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
10. Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
11. Control of sleep patterns.
12. Computer-brain interface, control and communication
13. Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

In 2008, BBC cameras filmed two Swedish sisters throwing themselves into traffic on the M6. The footage is shocking and it seems clear that the Swedish sisters are under the influence of mind control

HAARP and SCALAR WAVES work in tandem with GWEN Towers and ELF waves

In the early 1970′s Hundreds of inmates at the Gunniston Facility of the Utah State Prison were subjected to scalar wave mind control. Inmates tried unsuccessfully to fight back in court. The University of Utah researched at that time how scalar waves could induce the mind into hearing voices, overriding and implanting thoughts into the mind, as well as reading the thoughts.They also developed eye implants.

In 1998 scalar waves were used to test subliminal voices in the head in 2 Utah prisons. In Draper Prison, Utah a man called David Fratus in 1988 claimed voices in his inner ears were induced in him as clear as if listening to a set of stereo headphones. The mind control victims of US govt implants are also subjected to artificial voices in the head which are sent on scalar beam by satellite and and the HAARP transmitters and relayed to the GWEN Towers placed approximately every 200 miles across USA. Many of the messages relayed into these American mind control victims are said to come from aliens, with a ‘message for mankind’. These ‘alien messages’ were first given to the prisoners in Utah and they all got the same messages.

According to the book Project L.U.C.I.D by Texe Marrs, John St Clair Akwei claims that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has had the most advanced computers in the world since the 1960′s. The Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) mission of the NSA uses scalar waves for blanket coverage of the USA and can wirelessly tap into any computer in the USA and read the contents. As well as track people by the electrical currents in their bodies, which emanates a particular ‘signature frequency’.

This is possible because everything in the environment gives off scalar waves at right angle rotations off the normal electromagnetic wave. These can be searched for and tracked and are not subject to constraints of time and space. A person’s frequency can be stored on a supercomputer and this can be tracked anywhere. They can be sent subliminal words sent in scalar waves which are so subtle that the person will think they are their own thoughts.

Also NSA uses a secret program (developed since the MKULTRA mind control program of the 1950s) what is called “Radiation Intelligence”. Scientific research from this is withheld from the public and there are international intelligence agreements to keep this technology secret. Using this technology the NSA records and decodes individual brain maps of hundreds of thousands of people for national security purposes. It is also used secretly by the military for a brain-to-computer link. Activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts and can also show up activity from their visual cortex on a video monitor. NSA operatives can see what the subject is seeing. Visual memory can also be seen and the NSA can place images directly into the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and the optic nerves.

US Government microwave mind control tests affecting TV presenters and causing gibberish rants?

TV Reporters Speaking Gibberish on Live TV…Why Is it Happening?


A more advanced form of scalar weapon is known as a ‘quantum potential’ weapon has been developed by US, Russia, China, Israel and possibly Brazil . These weapons mimic the signature or frequency of a disease by recreating them on scalar carriers. Also any disease can be imprinted onto our cellular system using frequencies ranging from ultraviolet to infrared. Whole populations can have new diseases and death induced as well as latent diseases being activated with quantum potential diseases in targeted areas. Manufactured symptoms of radiation poisoning, chemical poisoning, bacterial infection and even the effects of many kinds of drugs including hallucinogenic ones can be induced with these very subtle scalar waves which flow in hyperspace or the sea of ether. Think also about Chemtrails. They become imbedded right into the immune system or etheric counterpart of the physical body.

Be aware of your selves, your bodies and your mood/emotions as they are being manipulated!


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