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Gang Stalking Videos

Stockton, California’s city manager quit after being stalked by police (August 2011)

This is a rare clear example of a relatively high-profile gang stalking incident reported in the news media. The incident not only involved stalking by police, it involved a target who was a local government official. This is exactly the sort of event that many gang stalking victims probably would wish might happen so the scandal of gang stalking would finally get exposed, yet the incident received minimal news coverage.

Reportedly, the local cops started brazenly harassing Bob Deis, the city manager of Stockton – at his home – as retaliation and/or to intimidate him after contract negotiations broke down. Incredibly, the Stockton Police Officers Association purchased the home next to Mr. Deis and began harassing him with noise and other gang stalking tactics.

Apparently, the stalking was successful: the city manager quit. His account of what happened was backed up by the mayor of Stockton, Ann Johnston.

The tactics suggest that (a) the cops were familiar with just how brutally effective organized harassment and intimidation can be, and (b) they were used to getting away with that kind of abuse. It makes you wonder – or it should – what they would do to someone who is less well-connected than a city manager.

You might expect this sort of thing to happen in a third world country, but not in a modern democracy. Nevertheless, as far as I am aware, no one in the national mainstream news media – or at groups like the ACLU – picked up on the significance of this. It’s hard to say whether that was simply because the matter passed under the radar in a big country with lots of news, or if it was laziness by the national press who should be calling attention to such things, or if the story did get noticed, but was quietly supressed.

A local TV news channel (KCRA Channel 3) did – to its credit – broadcast a brief, but fascinating report on the matter (linked below). The video clip might ring a few bells with gang stalking victims.

The city manager’s last name, Deis, rhymes with “Dice,” so someone (presumably the cops) placed a bumper sticker on his car with a cartoon of a boy urinating on a pair of dice. Acts such as that – and the use of noise, and cutting down trees bordering Mr. Deis’s property, etc. were essentially psychological operations (“psyops”) tactics. Such things would be intimidating from any stalkers, let alone stalkers who have police powers.

Sadly, no one in the mainstream news media connected the dots between this gang stalking incident and the larger scandal of gang stalking generally (or if they did, they kept quiet about it).

To its credit, the local San Joaquin County newspaper, The Record, published this article about the matter:

Political activist intensely spied upon for years by the FBI

(June 14, 2011)

For anyone familiar with the FBI’s history, it is not breaking news that they sometimes keep a very close watch on persons who have even mildly interesting political views. Still, this is a good reminder that such policies are alive and well in today’s FBI.

Progressive journalist Amy Goodman interviews Scott Crow, an environmental activist, who was placed under intense surveillance for years, despite having no criminal charges against him. The other guest in this interview is Mike German, a former FBI agent and whistle-blower, who is now with the ACLU.

The FBI’s activities in this case were not gang stalking, but they included some things that are familiar to gang stalking victims: agents tracked his emails and phone calls and picked through his trash, monitored the vehicles parked in front of his residence, etc.

As I note elsewhere in this website, media and civil rights groups which gang stalking victims might assume would be sympathetic to complaints of gang stalking are conspicuously silent about the subject. That includes two of the groups represented here: Democracy Now! and the ACLU – neither of whom, as far as I know, respond to inquiries about gang stalking. Presumably, interviews such as this one are as close to the topic as they feel safe getting.

It’s revealing that even getting this close to the subject of gang stalking was too much for the fed’s. The comments posted on YouTube under this video clip when I last checked were filled with the usual fake tin-foil hat rantings that disinformation agents use to discredit anything that exposes them.

When you play the video, if you see an “Embedding disabled” message, just click “Watch on YouTube” to launch the video.

Police lieutenant in Santa Cruz, California discusses gang stalking on TV news report (January 2011)

A January 29, 2011 news report broadcast on local TV in California (Channel 46 – KION and Channel 35 – KCBA), featuring Larry Richard, a police lieutenant with the Santa Cruz P.D., in which he mentions the crime of “gang stalking.”

On the basis of the California Public Records Act, attorney Keith Labella requested and obtained additional information about this incident – specifically, a letter from Lieutenant Richard dated March 30, 2011, in which he describes gang stalking.

This is the body of the letter (including typo’s etc.)

“Candice Nguyen from KION is doing a story ion this phenomenon called “Gang Stalking”. It has nothing to do with “gangs”, rather it is a form of cyber-bullying. The intent is a psychological impact and socially ostresizing the targeted person. With tools available to track someone (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) it has made people more vulnerable to this. It has implications to workplace violence, love relationships gone bad, etc. I told Candice it is like Mean Girls or cyber-bullying on steroids.”

Here is the letter:

ABC TV program about how civilians can be easily duped into participating in crimes against people they don’t know (2010)

The following video clip is a segment of an ABC TV program originally broadcast in 2010. While it does not, by itself, prove anything about the widespread existence of organized stalking crimes, it does perfectly illustrate the ease with which non-suspecting members of the public can be duped into participating in such things by a street-wise private investigator type portraying himself as a law enforcement officer. The video is vastly more compelling than any written description of the process.

If the above link ever ceases to be valid, you can easily locate the video clip by a Google search of “ABC + gangstalking + John Quinones + Comply or question authority?”

Excerpt from a C-SPAN program about the FBI’s Cointelpro operations and the CIA’s Project MK Ultra

This powerful 12-minute clip from a C-SPAN program includes testimony from members of the U.S. Senate’s Church Committee investigation describing how even members of the senate had been completely clueless about the shocking secret illegal activities of the rogue intelligence and law enforcement agencies (the CIA and FBI) until the activities were exposed by outsiders.

Note that the testimony at the very beginning of the clip includes a mention of the fact that the investigation found that intelligence and law enforcement agencies were using criminals (the mafia) to perform some of the operations. This is exactly the allegation being made about gang stalking (the current version of Cointelpro) – namely, that many of the street-level operations are delegated to criminals (not just rogue neighborhood watch groups and vigilantes).

Every American high school student should be required to review this kind of material about Cointelpro and MK Ultra, so they will have a clue about what kind of evil unconstitutional crimes against American citizens the secret agencies of our government commit whenever they’re not kept on a very short leash.

For anyone familiar with gang stalking, the connection is direct and obvious. When you survey the available information (books, articles, documentaries, websites, etc.) about clandestine programs in the U.S., such as Cointelpro and MK Ultra, it becomes clear that gang stalking is the modern version of these programs.

Documentary on Cointelpro

This the first part of a documentary about Cointelpro by Marshall Thomas, who has also posted videos about related subjects, such as MK Ultra, and gang stalking.

Since these videos have been created and posted by an individual, they don’t have professional quality editing. The basic facts about Cointelpro are not in dispute however; the whole scandal is well-documented by numerous official and private sources.

Posted on YouTube with this title: “Cointelpro FBI (#24)”

Documentary on gang stalking

This is another documentary by Marshall Thomas, like the one above.

Part 1 Posted on YouTube as “Targeted Individuals (TI’s) (#31)”

Part 2 Posted on YouTube as “Targeted Individuals (TI’s) (#32)”

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